Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did anyone else have this book as a child? I'm pretty sure my momma bought it for me at the grocery store one friday afternoon when I was about seven. I LOVED IT---this exact version!!  I indulged today and ordered it. It was only .30 on Amazon with 3.99 shipping. That pricing sure is funny to me. Another reason I bought it was to share it with my children.  I have my own Snow White(about to be four) and Rose Red(about to be one) sisters. I had already decided on a snow white/rose red birthday party for these June birthed girls. It will probably be just a family party and will probably consist of the story, acting out the story and some pretty dresses and presents. I think Cason will be the bear and Cole will be the old elf--I think that's what he is but cannot for sure remember: ) Hmmmm...not sure about Jessie carrying those scissors in her pocket since she cut her hair last month. Max can be the secondary Fish prince. The youngest boy can't be choosy.

Here's a picture of my girls: Here are my "Snow White and Rose Red" and here is "Snow White" being funny making a sad face. I wanted her to just make a soft soft so I asked her to just look a little sad---hahaha---This one  really makes me laugh.

Looking forward to June and celebrating the birthdays of these sweet treasures!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nona was Mary in our Christmas Play this year. A little late, but just found this amongst lots and lots of photos. Precious girl.