Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Things Four through Nine and some other Thinks we can Think

I love playing with my children. Honestly, I don't really LOVE Dr. Seuss, but it is February, Valentine's is over and we need something fun to do!!!! Oh, Happy Birthday Week to Dr. Seuss!! It's a weeeee bit early to start the really awesome Spring Stuff  I want to do. Can't wait to study the ocean at the ocean which is MINUTES from my house: )
 Blue jello for water, swedish fish and The Cat in the Hat. Two nights ago we had green eggs and ham, and today we will make a GIANT Family Foot Book because we have a giant family with a couple of people with GIANT feet!!!

 I will post tomorrow when I have pictures of the foots prints in our vinegar and baking soda science stuff. I really LOVE pinterest. It is an online venue that doesn't just suck my time up. It inspires me to be a fun mommy. I love teaching my children,  and I want them to have good memories of home, books, school.....just life in general.

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