Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am not crafty. I have an aversion to crafts. I actually hate doing crafts. I decided one year that I would conquer my little issue by purchasing a kit(from a children's company) to make beaded ornanments. We made them but it was not fun, enjoyable, or the sweet memory making activity for which I had hoped. We still have them and they are very pretty and they do bring back memories but those memories still make a couple of my children curl up in the fetal position and cry.(heeehee) Actualy, it wasn't that bad...we just laugh about it now. Anyhow, when Christmas season approaches I always want to do some sort of craft with my peeps and this year, only 2 days after Thanksgiving, I can go ahead and check that little chore off my list. It was so simple and really alot of fun and no one cried. I'm at my mommy's house now and maybe that's another reason I enjoyed it. There are no major chores hanging over my head here and I had my sweet mommy right beside me as back up when I sewed a ribbon on backwards. She talked me thru it and helped the children too.(heehee-again-but I'm serious.

They are not fancy. Just some straight lines and simple hand stitching and even Nona Klare caught on to it. It was fun doing it with Nana and we even were able to bless her with six new ornaments for her tree that we helped put up. Who in the world would be so thrilled to "beautify" their tree with these except for a doting grandmother???

Now that we know we like to hand stitch maybe we'll add in some embroidering and other simple projects since we won't be watching TV anymore...since we cleaned our house out of those evil boxes. It's been about a week and no one misses it. I'm so glad they are gone. We've been TV-less a couple of times before in our lives and we're always the happiest, growing closer to the Lord, most productive that way. I could talk about that for quite awhile so I'll save it for another post: )

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happily Celebrating Nona Klare

Wow!! It has been almost six years since this sweet girl hesitantly entered our home. It was the longest pregnancy ever and I learned so much about trusting God through it. I learned lots of other little things too. For one, if you don't know your due date don't just assume that on halloween( and the many days that follow) you can eat all the candy bars you want just because you've already been thinking "the baby" should be here anyday for a whole month. You Will Get Sooo Fat!!! So will that late baby. Also, if you don't know your due date, go ahead and get that sonogram. Even if you really want to be the most natural birthing mom ever---really----just get it. You don't even have to tell the other all natural mommies you did it. Also, when you find out you're pregnant, if that baby is your sixth and you've told her husband you don't want to tell people you're pregnant yet, cause some people already think you are freaks, don't just assume he won't tell every single person in the world secretly anyway! That part, looking back now, is sweet just because he was so excited. How many men can you say that about?
Anyway, here she is now.....

My plans are to take her with my nice camera to take some pics of just her before her birthday and maybe out for tea. Her sweet little top tooth is just getting loose and it makes me sad. Even though still beautiful, once those baby teeth are gone their little faces change so much. Sooo, that's why I need to get pics NOW! Her birthday is not til monday but everyone has special plans for her. She has mentioned a candyland cake and her biggest sis is planning to "go all out" for her with the cake. I think we'll be heading out for special pans and candy of course.

Nona Klare is such a special gentle little blessing in our family. We all love her so much.

Oh, and here she is still with baby teeth.....