Friday, October 29, 2010

Been Diggin"

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Touring Clemson !!!

Here is my precious Kamryn. We all had so much fun touring the campus. We loved the ice cream ALOT!! The two random students we met while showing ourselves around were both from Mt. P!! (haha)...... One whose family lives in Rivertowne and one from Wakendaw Lakes. Must be lots of Mt. P kids there. It was a really beautiful campus, and it made me miss lots of trees and the foothills of SC. I always love the topography wherever I am. Now, I couldn't be pried away from from the marshy lowcountry but when I'm there, I start dreaming of a few acres and some goats and cows(heehee) Whew!! Safe at home : )

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy about my charger!!!

This is really how I feel!! I've not been taking photos because my camera was sooo bad. It was just really pathetic. I hated to buy a new camera though because everytime I thought about it I'd remember the really nice camera we have...the one toooo nice to use that has just been on a shelf since Richard no longer supplements our income with nature photography. I actually made my decision awhile back to determine to be really careful and just use it. The problem then was that I had misplaced the charger. It has been nagging at me forever. No pictures of my children therefore no blogging. Also, no blogging because as I told a friend the other day who asked me why I don't blog anymore...I replied....because blogging is stupid. My bloggging anyway. I blabber on and just need to post pics I'm thinking: )I am glad now to have my camera that takes such nice photos that I have to drag them to the desk top to distort them a bit so they will upload. I am sure there is a smarter way but it works for me. So, I'm blogging again just to have a way to share happy everyday life moments and pictures with friends and family. So, here is my second favorite time of day on the day my new favorite child, Cole, found my charger. Getting ready for bed and famly worship time.

What's that...what's that....what's.....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One of my favorite spots for photographing my little people. SEarched around and found this oldie. Time for another shoot. Cole is sure dapper looking here.