Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stranded at the Park

 The van keys ended up in Karis' purse, and Karis went home with Cason.  By the time we realized she was home, it was almost time for  Kimmi to be in Summerville. She had to deliver Kimmi before she could bring us the keys!!! We are sure blessed that... 1. We had potluck at church and 2. We were able to play at this great playground. Oh, and just look at that beautiful sunshine. I am so thankful for the nice warm weather.

Cole was relaxing while he waited for our keys: ) HANDSOME BOY!!!

 Kamryn is fabuloso!!
 Jessie-- This sweet girl picked so many wild flowers today!!
 Nona is showing her pretty bracelet from Mrs. Wilkins. She is my gift giver, and she really feels loved when someone gives her a gift.
She made handmade clay beads and made a necklace to give to her in return. She is my crafty girl!!

 Sun Glorious Sun!!

 The men just chillin!!

 Some forced simple family time. It was a great afternoon.
We missed our big kids though. One drove people around and delivered keys. One was at musical practice and one was at the Flower Town Festival!! Sooo blessed by the family God has given to me.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keeping Those Hands Busy

We have been using our decoupaged clip boards that I posted about a few weeks ago during family worship time. Richard decided to have the kids draw a picture of  whatever scripture passage he is reading from to us. He got this idea from our friend Tobe---- Thank you Hester family!! It is amazing how well everyone sits still. They reallly really listen too. Every night a couple of people stop him and ask him to go back to a point they missed just so they don't miss a detail. The details in their drawings are great, too. Of course Miss Martha here might not really and truly be drawing what her daddy is talking about in the background, but she sure is a cutie-pie!!  Would you please take a look at those fine motor skills of hers. That's all we will accept here at the Brown house from our 21 month old babies--hehe. I am totally joking! I have no idea how she possesses these awesome skills, but she seriously holds that pencil correctly. You might also notice that Miss Martha bites erasers off the tops of the pencils--- we gotta stop that for sure. Love that baby!!