Monday, July 15, 2013

Ocean Studies


I love going to the beach with my children probably more than anything. I always know before I get there that it will be beautiful, but everytime  I'm surprised for a bit by the beauty and also by the sensory overload. The salty smell and taste, the wind to skin and the sounds all are fantastic reminders of God's creativity. It's a place where God reaches for me in so many ways. 
O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD,
all the earth. 
 Psalm 96:1

In our school time, we are reading Holling C. Holling's Pagoo, and we are learning so many awesome things about the ocean. When I say "we" I actually do mean "we"--haha.
I love this author. When my older children were younger I intended to read all these books, but I never made it to Pagoo. Sometimes too many lofty plans keep me from doing the things I really think are important--lesson learned!! Cason, almost nineteen and about to begin his swimming career at College of Charleston, walked through and heard about three lines from Pagoo and asked me if that was the same author as "Paddle to the Sea". Good ear Cason and good memory: ) 

We are also reading this little gem below. 

 Cason saw this book on the couch and because of it's beautiful cover questioned my integrity. "Is that abridged mom?" Oh no's just pretty." Cason replied, "Good job mom: )"
 We missed the rest of the fam yesterday!!  I think we will all go again late today and meet up with my brother and his family who are vacationing in town.

 Right here----this girl right here----- FUNNY, SILLY, and also very very SWEET!!