Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've been ignoring my husband

For years, my husband has told me he wants our children to do their own laundry and for years I have ignored him. I kind of assume he doesn't realllllly mean it. I don't even give it much thought when he says it. I think I've assumed what he really meant was that it would be nice if our children did their own laundry kind of like it sure would be nice if there was no more war or hunger in the world. You of those idealistic thoughts that you really cannot do a thing about.

If I were honest, I'd admit that I knew he was serious, it just didn't feel like something I could give up..It was beyond what could be asked of me...AND he didn't mention it that many times. I know he doesn't mean my really little children, but I'm thinking probably he means anyone 10 ish and up. I'm kind of excited now that I've decided to submit this little area of my life to my sweet and very patient leader. In the past, when he would mention it, my brain was flooded with images of laundry hampers in each room just crammed full of moldy clothes, and me getting ready to do some laundry and having to wait in line behind others...WHAT???, or even worse than that...more scheduling (MUSIC from scary shower scene in PHYCHO playing here) Wait...maybe that's not music?

This little basket at the top is all we have right now so really not so bad, but honestly, I think my hubby is right...they need to learn . Also, I do more of the daily upkeep than I should. Not just in the area of laundry, but I have a new commitment to teach my children to take more responsibility in the running of our home. That means more teaching, training and patiently and JOYFULLY watching them do twice as slow what I could do twice as good as they do it: ) Hopefully that will be just for now. Hopefully, pretty soon I will have a houseful of people who can launder with the best of them. I'll let you know.


Jenni said...

You are super-mom! If anyone can do it, you can! I loved the scary music bit :) Love y'all launders in training!

Grand Central Staten said...

Stumbled on your blog from Mega Family blogs. Our house rule is that starting on your 10th birthday, you do your own laundry. I train them how and there is a laminated cheat sheet on the wall next to the washer. They can do their laundry on any days but Wed and Sun (my laundry days). The only other rule (very important) is that they cannot leave the house in wrinkled or obviously dirty clothes. The rest is up to them. As a mom who really had trouble letting go of that chore, I can tell you it is a good thing.