Monday, June 11, 2012

Spring Photos

 Watermelon eating contest!! Wish it didn't take a bazillion years to upload videos to blogger and you could see exactly how ridiculously competive Richard's children can be: )
 Jessie: Cutest Girl Ever!!!!
 Met this little married couple in front of a cool pizza hang out in our new neighborhood!!
 Dance Party!! Actually, a sweet friend's graduation party that turned into a dance party and Brown's never pass up a chance to dance: )
Who is this very hunky man with the cute baby? 
 Martha LOVES this photo of herself and her brubby Cole. She just cracks up and talks to this photo everytime she sees it. Sweet baby! Sweet boy!
 The Uganda Team!! Can't wait to see  God work!
 There he is again!! Hunky man! Also, this is our precious friend Leeola Arney.  It was great seeing friends in NC last month.
 Beautiful girl--inside and out.
 Beautiful girl----outside and in---Loving her some fudgsicle, but don't we all?
 Me and baby girl--my love: )
 Jessie concerned about Max!!
Sweeeet birthday girl.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE those faces!! God bless y'all!! Jenni :)