Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Joy

My Joy comes from Jesus as I journey on the path with my beloved Husband and our  precious eight children.


Laughs A Lot said...

Im one of those precious eight childern!
Your favorite to be exact! = *
Your my favorite momi!

Grace at Home said...

Oh look at you! What a pretty blog, Donna! I really like it! I'll miss Tribe of 9 but I think you'll like Blogspot better.

Just scroll down on mine to 'Followers,' it's toward the bottom. Then, click on 'Follow This Blog.' Type in your email and password and that's it!

Looking forward to reading more about your journey! :)

Laughs A Lot said...

Welcome ; D
I'll put a picture for your profile next.

Laughs A Lot said...

Don't even try to deny it! I know who your favorite is!

ME! ; )

Laughs A Lot said...
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Abster said...

Hey Mrs. Brown! I love your blog!