Monday, July 20, 2009


Cason just broke his first city meet record!! This is what he's committed his life to(JUST KIDDING!!) It does make him happy though. Waiting to see if he breaks the FLY record, too!
Update and pic coming soon. State meet this coming weekend!

I stayed at home and have been googling and figuring out his course of study for college.(hee hee) I have it narrowed down to (preacher, dentist or college prof) I'm thinking dentist sounds the most lucrative: )


Grace at Home said...

Yea Cason! We're so proud of you! Eagerly awaiting pictures...hurry up Mom!

Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

Good for you Cason! Hi Mrs. Donna, its Lauren the troublemaker/nutcase:D! lol! How are y'all? I miss everyone! Mom says hi! I should probably get to bed b4 my grandpa finds me up and about! lol!