Thursday, March 18, 2010


My favorite new hobby is snapping pictures of Jessie while she's catching some zzzzzz's.
She usually plays and does her thing until about 1:00 and then I say, "You're laying here Jessie."
Then she lays down and sleeps(heehee) Just plain old cuteness!! She sleeps right in the living room with everyone else all around her. Every few minutes someone goes by and kisses her head and says, "awwww, look at Jessie". We all know we are very blessed by her tiny sweetness.


♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

Jessie is sooo sweet mom! I love her so much! Love ya!


•Karis Brown• said...


Abigail said...

Aw... She is just so adorable! I ♥ that picture!

Gving God the Glory!