Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My sweet girl picked these lovelies before we had the reminder talk about "taking only pictures and leaving only

It was such a beautiful time with my sweet family in the mountains of North Carolina.
When we first moved to NC years ago, Cason was two and he kept saying
something like Muttinoes. We kept wondering what his little two year old self was trying to tell us. We were driving from Lenoir to Blowing Rock one day and we came to
an opening and the view was just breathtaking and two year old Cason yelled..."MUTTINOES" and finally we understand. He was just saying mountains.
We've , of course, all called the mountains muttinoes since. We even taught Jessie to say it this trip(heehee)

Does anyone have a funny saying you've taken on from your little children that you just can't let go? Please share.


Forever Young said...

Oh yes, lots!

water = awa (Logan)
Rebekah = Garba (Anna)
Nose = Kleenex (Anna)
Hold me = Hold you (Rebekah)
And too many more to list and more that I've sadly already forgotten. Aren't they funny? Thanks for reminding me to laugh at (with) my 2 year old. Some days I only see their loud "No's" and temper tantrums and sin. I'm convinced God made 2 year olds really cute on purpose. Otherwise we might do something we'd later regret. Ha!

Elizabeth said...

Mostly how they say one another's names: Eeahh for Brian, Maymay for Megan. Great pictures!

asnipofgoodness said...

so glad you all had a great time!
We call things what our toddlers did....chick a flay, crackle barrel, mazagines, pupcakes, chicks (cheeks), I can't think of anymore

Forever Young said...

Oh, one more! (This has been so much fun to think of. We've all been talking about it this week.) Ellen used to call Barnes and Noble - Farnes and No-No. It's stuck!

Vickie said...

Es-scooby for Excuse Me :)