Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't Mess with Kamryn

This is one of our all time favorite funny personality capturing pictures of all times. This one and the one of Kmmi at 3 years with a flower pot on her head and the one of Jessie with the straw in her mouth but this one.....this one is definitely in the top five all time Brown kid favorites: ) : ): )
So, anyway, it is so good to watch someone grow in so many ways. Kamryn has come a long way. All the way from this tiny little firecracker to now actually just a little bit bigger firecracker. She's always gonna be a firecracker. Anyway, tonight, she blessed her daddy by being willing to recite Philippians chapter 2 for the men's bible study group without any forewarning. It was flawless and it was sweet. God has gifted her with a great memory and also alot of kindness and love. We all love her so much. A few days ago, someone was picking on Kamryn and this little person took something of hers and she was quietly telling me and karis that this other little person wouldn't give it back. I let Karis handle it: ) Karis gently asked kamryn what Jesus would do in this situation. Kamryn gave a good answer by saying that He would just overlook it and let it go. Karis told her that was exactly right....then she asked...but what do you think your big sister is gonna do.(heehee) Kamryn looked puzzled....and karis waited a second and said....I'm getting it back for you...and she did. It was achieved in a sweet way but achieved all the same. Don't mess with number five of eight. As a matter of fact don't mess with any of eight.

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Abigail said...

That is SOOO cute!!!

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