Friday, June 25, 2010

Anyone want to Brag on their teens????

My sweet big kids are getting so...well... big. It seems like only yesterday they were spitting on other children and making them cry at the water fountain at church.*sigh* Where does the time go? Okay, yes they were very naughty, but they have come a long way. Every single day they say or do something that makes me so proud. I am loving this teen/older teen stage of life with them so much. I think if I'd been asked when I had only young children if I thought I'd like it, I'd have said no. I've seen them both share the gospel and encourage younger siblings to do the same. They look out for underdogs in life and are really loved by alot of people. They make me really proud, and it has been a pleasure giving them more and more freedom and seeing them use it wisely. I don't even expect them not to make mistakes along the way just as I hope no one is expecting that of me. At this point in life, I'm trying hard not to launch fully into bestest friend stage with these still growing people, but its sooo great to have a foretaste of the pleasure of grown children.
God is extremely good.


becca jacobsen said...

I have 3 awesome teens! One is currently on a mission trip with Campus Crusade, one is the worship leader at our church's youth group and the resident evangelist of the house (she puts me to shame) and the other just won the National Kickboxing Championships and loves God with all his heart. They are not perfect, but neither am I :o) Thanks for letting me brag on them. Just found your blog and love it!

Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

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♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

Guess what mother? I'm a teen too! I'll be 14 in two days!!!! Thanks for saying something about me! haha just kidding. love you!1