Monday, May 2, 2011

Home Churned Ice Cream: Monday Morning Breakfast

OK...not really for break
fast but right after breakfast. The plan was for
little children to do their schoolwork while I cleaned out kitchen cabinets. Some things will be going to GoodWill and some things will be put in boxes to go to the garage of the new house and a very weee number of kitchen items will stay here to keep us going til we actually move in a couple of weeks. We will have less kitchen space in the new house but trust me...we will be A-OK! The amount of space we are moving from is way over the top unnecessary. Still, I spent the last five years filling every nook and cranny. I was about to put the ICE CREAM CHURN in the box for GoodWill, but Cole saw me. I knew it worked, but remembered there was some reason I didn't want it enough for it to get a spot at the new house. Cole, because he loves sugar more than any person I know, was able to prove to me in about 45 seconds that we have everything we need to make ice cream.

Cole got the churn going with cherry vanilla ice cream in about ten minutes BUT three minutes into the process, it stopped. Then I remembered why I didn't want it. It was a $20 churn from wal-mart and the motor is weak. You have to work with it the whole time to keep it going. Just a little too inconvenient for me to make a space in my smaller kitchen didn't make the cut. It's going to GoodWill, but we still had very yummy pink ice cream on Monday morning. It was a fun way to start the week. Now back to packing and some school work.

Oh, I'm about to take a really nice WOK to GoodWill. If any of my friends in town read this and would like it, let me know: ) I've only used it twice and can make what I need with a more all purpose pan.


•Karis Brown• said...

i love the pictures and the ice cream looks yummy! jessie is so funny :)

joyinthejourney said...

Thanks Karis! I ate some and it was yummmy, but now I feel sick cause sugar B bad for me: )