Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

We went to a beautiful park on Daniel Island Saturday with the 6 youngest children for a few hours. The two oldest were at their last  practice for volunteering at the Daniel Island Family Circle Cup which will begin soon. They will be part of the ball crew!!! The park where we played is on the Wando River side of the island. It is a water park(for pulling boats in the water and a little splashing/not swimming) It is gorgeous with Live Oak Trees, pier ,and the river. The play area is a model of Charleston and surrounding areas. Really pretty. Here is a  photo of Jessie. I cannot believe I left her pretty white dress on the table as I was leaving. PLEASE picture her in her best little feminine cotton dress. This pic of her is too funny not to share though.


Abster said...

Jessie is very cute! Thanks for following my blog! I hope you like what I write!


Winsome Composition said...

Hey Moma!
I think I have seen that picture before. ; D
You're calling right now. hehehe! luv ya!


Grace at Home said...

How fun! I wish I did more fun things like this with my girls. You're such a great momma, Donna. And Jessie is just so beautiful. Can Mark and I borrow her for a weekend? :)