Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Date Nights and some ramblings....

Richard and I usually go out to dinner once a week. We don't really have a set night. It's usually just first chance we get. We decided yesterday to try and increase our dates to twice a week and  make most of our dates include exercise and nature. We live in such a beautiful area. We're also taking up fishing. We just bought 2 rods and reels or is it rod and reels? Our date last night was scoping our own neighborhood for a good fishing spot.We went to the new crab dock. Pretty spot but R thinks it will be hard to pull in all the fish we'll certainly catch. We headed on down the street to our old neighbors. They have moved on up in life and left us behind. They now have a great house and a beautiul spot on the Wando River. We can only see glimpses from our house. (heehee) I'm really saying that jokingly. Our home is amazing and way above and beyond any provisions we expect from God. We have lived in neighborhoods during our marriage from EVERY socio-economic category you can imagine!!! When we were very young and not yet married and getting acquainted he asked me over a pizza hut pizza(thin and crispy supreme/no black olives--some things never change) date if it scared me to go down the path of life with a preacher/missionary?? He was referring to the poverty and possible dangers and sacrifices his calling could bring. I lied and told him it didn't scare me at all. At this point nothing scared me as much as the thought of going down any path in life anywhere other than under his arm of protection..(sniff sniff) I'm making me cry. So, yes, I lied and , yes, I'd do it again: )
Anyway, during our courtship, we embraced and actually looked forward to a life of adventure. It has certainly been that so far. In Richard's sermon Sunday he talked about idols a person might have in their life and one he mentioned was not being willing to give up a certain lifestyle. Or, being committed to maintain a certain level of lifestyle. That, I can honestly say, we are not. I say all that to say, it was nice walking through our overly nice neighborhood and enjoying the beauty of the wealth and not being envious at all of the people on the river and not being worried we won't always live here. I'm almost positive we won't! Just thinking it interesting that God has chosen to place us here now. We're just visitors here for a short time kind of like we're just visitors here on earth for a short time. Just  happy that our old neighbors have a dock they really want us to use anytime we feel like fishing. 

Oh, and last night we had planned to go get Richard a salad or something at the Dog and Duck Restaurant in our neighborhood after our walk, but our neighbors with the dock had just returned from their month long stay at Islamorada, FL. and they sent us home with really good crab legs(already cooked:) Hmmmm....another provision from God.......SOOO......we just went home and crept in the house as quietly as we could and I made R a salad while he ate the crab legs. It took everyone about 11 minutes to realize we were home and join us in the kitchen. I'll take those eleven minutes: )Fun night.

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