Monday, April 20, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Just enjoying the simple pleasures in life today. Rising early. Worshipping God around our breakfast table together---led by the most awesome husband and father ever! Seeing a child grasp a concept in math--whew!!!  Lighting a candle in my clean kitchen. Taught my oldest daughters to make a delightfully comforting evening meal via the trusty crockpot. OOOOH!!!!! and a wonderfully heavy downpouring of rain. Everyone came running upstairs from their afternoon outdoor  playing. All the action was directed to our screened in porch. And....last minute dinner plans with our precious friends---the Heaners! They are back in town for the last time for a long time since they are closing on their house this week. I guess that means I'll put the crockpot meal in the fridge for tomorrow.


asnipofgoodness said...

simple pleasures are the best kind! We spent the evening much the same is good!

Grace at Home said...

Oh that makes me so sad about the Heaners. I'm glad you got to see them while they were here though. Did it rain at your house yesterday??? It didn't rain here. That's odd. :)

Candy Princess said...

Hay, love ya mom. The meal was still good this afternoon.