Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here are some fun pictures we took at Magnolia Plantation
about 2 weeks ago with our friends the McKoys. We love the
petting zoo. Magnolia is our favorite plantation. We used to get a family pass every year and go at
least every couple of months. We've always phographed our littl'uns on the pretty bridges there. It's just a beautiful placefor it. We took some the day we were there, but I plan to go back in a few weeks for really good ones with everyone dressed matching a little better with hair all fixed for a "framing" photograph. None of these will work for that but they were pretty cute.
Sweet of Jessie and Karis. The animals made her a little nervous.

Max and Cason made the animals(and me!!!) nervous. Especially Cason with the wild boar.

The bridges and other pretty spots for photos!!!

You can see how this would have been a good spot for a photo had I possessed a child who wanted a picture taken of himself. I didn't have one at this moment though. Just use your imagination: )


Peyton Hardwick said...

We have been to Magnolia Plantation a few times and I realy liked it too. I did'nt see Eden in any of the picturs, was she like Cole:-)

Beth said...

Magnolia was the first plantation we visited when we moved to Charleston! I hope I never outgrow their petting zoo. Thanks for sharing all of the photos.