Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thanks Mr. Turtle!! It was fun while it lasted.

Kamryn found "old mister turtle" and Kimmi was the photographer. I love these shots Kimmi!!!

He went with us to ballet and we lost him in the van...then we found him. Then we lost him in the house....and then we found him again...wheww!!!! Richard is such a realist about things like that. He immediately imagined "old mister turtle" down an air vent that Jessie is always uncovering for us and in which she is always dropping things. When small things are missing, we often just stick our hands down in the vents and find many many treasures!!!(heehee) I usually have to get my nerve up to check the vents. Soooo, anyway, Richard was imagining "old mister turtle" passing away deep in a vent. Happily, we found him the next day under the couch.
Cason had mercy on mister turtle and set him free by the pond while no one was looking. We had lots of good times with him though. Maybe he will come a visiting again soon!!


Peyton Hardwick said...

Josiah does the same thing, throwes stuff down the air vent! Dad finaly got tired of it and nailed it down:-)

Abigail said...

That's just too funny! My sister (now 20) found a turtle the size of a quarter (actually, a lil' bit smaller) when she was little! (I don't remember how old she was, but she was probaby 9 or 10) Anyhow, he ended up staying with us until a few months ago! It was a snapping tutrle, it's name was baby, and it's only the size of the palm of someone's hand! We gave it away a couple of moths back to a friend...

Giving God the Glory!

Anonymous said...
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