Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Babies and Zinnias

Summer Memories from Georgia

I'm so excited to see these two girls grow up together. Martha needed Audrey to help her know the need for and the goodness of sharing. Audrey needs Martha because Martha is the only person in Audrey's world who will ever expect HER to share.
 Sweet Audrey

 Oh my goodness!

Audrey's beautiful Mommy!! I'm so proud of my precious daughter and her lovely mothering skills. There is nothing like the pride a mother feels when she see her own child become a godly parent herself. 

 Pretty Martha always has something to say!

Is this a good smile mommy? I really just want to help you be successful in this photoshoot!

 Look sleepy I say. 

 My favorite of Martha---hahhaha!! Get these insect ridden things off me!!!

 Smile big and we can be done: )

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Karis Brown said...

Aw, so sweet!! I love you meme!