Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Fall!!

Have a Happy and very blessed fall friends!! This is a great picture for the first day of Fall and a great verse for all parents for sure!!

I'm so glad that God, my parent, gives me grace because there have been days when I have not just felt like giving up, but I actually did give up. Really, there have been whole seasons where I have felt like giving up. 

I'm so thankful for it all, though, because my salvation came in the midst of the trials. I would love to write more about the Grace that God has given me, and the painful road traveled to get to rest and peace with the Lord. My plan is to find  some moments here and there to write about the blessings and the pain along the journey, but mostly I would like to share the message that Grace, rest and peace abound in the one and only savior, Jesus. 

Oh, I sent this image to my three oldest children today who happen to be college students. They have all been putting in laborious hours daily!! I am so proud of these three......



And Kimmi

I love them so much, and am so blessed to be their mommy!! We also have six younger presh babies and a very lovely grand daughter!!
Here are some of us just for an updated picture since its been quite awhile since I considered doing any blogging. 

Pretty intense, but we were on our way to see the youngest college girl this day!!
God Bless friends!!

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