Saturday, March 30, 2013

Enjoying these People

Today was my favorite kind of day. We started early with some egg decorating. Here is Max with a GOLDEN egg he painted. We blew these eggs out and painted with metallic fingernail polish. I saw this idea on my friend Julie's Facebook with her extra cute kiddos. Max picked the dark golden color because he said all the other colors were too girlie--hehe. I love his funny duck lip pose. Then we took a couple of photos before we loaded up to take kamryn and Kimmi to their "Joseph" Musical practice in Summerville.
 Here is my just turned teenager and very handsome son Cole with his baby sissy Martha.
 Sweet Nona and Martha!!

Orange juice moustache and Jessie's dress before a meatball sub today: )

 While they were at musical practice we shopped at Tuesday Morning and I found some DARLING!! webkinz for only 2.99. I couldn't resist, so I'll be adding that to some already overstuffed baskets in the morning.  We then drove around in the country and looked at a few small acreage spots---ahhhh---I guess I'll just keep on dreaming about country life a little longer although I really do enjoy my city life. Then we hit Subway where the little people practiced folding their hands to aid in their self-control while daddy ordered the food. Everyone had really good manners. It was soooo funny. we ran into so many people we know today. In Subway, we ran into the beautiful daughter of the pastor who pastored the same church as Richard in NC. She and Karis are about the same age and have become good friends, so it was nice seeing her there. Then we went into Goodwill to look for one thing and found quite a few more things than we were planning to buy. (ex... a hot pink motorcycle scooter for Jessie, a mechanical butterfly net for Max and an insect home to match, and a formal dress for me so I can look snazzy beside my husband in his tux since we are PROM chaperones--fun!!) Thank you sarah for showing the dress to me: ) This brings up the fact that we saw our awesome friends the Eppes(8 marvelous kids) and the Bevins (9 marvelous kids) at Goodwill today. Yep, the Summerville Goodwill held us all plus more people. It was a really fun day. We really did miss our Cason though!! Looking forward to having him home tomorrow.
 When we returned home we did a little more egg dying. Martha is asking..." you made that mommy?" That's one of her favorite phrases: ) Precious precious girl!!

 Kamryn transferring a picture to her egg. Love this really funny girl.
It's funny--I just noticed Martha assumes she is the center of this picture. She's just too darned cute: )

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kimjax said...

Sounds like a fun day, Donna! Love the pics. :)