Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Okay!!!! Soooo, I'm seriously not crafty. I just really wanted a wreath that I like and can afford. I have to admit that I am just a little bit obsessed with wreaths. Our door at this house really needs a wreath or something, but most wreaths I do deeply abhor. I've had one since we have lived here that I could tolerate. It was very simple and was dark brown covered in brown anise pods--BUT it has seen it's better days because someone----and I don't think it was the mailman---picks off an anise pod every once in a while. Actually, I'm not convinced it's not the mailman. He is actually another reason I really need a wreath or something to cover those little openings: ) We have made eye contact before through those windows---bahaha!! I hope he is embarrassed by that. I'd be tempted too, though,  if I were a mail carrier I think: ) Did I mention the fact that our mailbox is attached to the front door. Also, did I mention that although I'm committed to doing better, we sometimes have our jammies on for the better part of the day. I mean.... we do homeschool and that IS a perk: )
  I have seen other wreaths I like. I am a straight line girl, so I saw a wreath well above $100 that was square and covered in boxwood leaves----seriously LOVED it BUT, how nice would I be when the mailman picked stuff off my over $100 wreath. I sure wouldn't be nice at all.
 Also, in Mount Pleasant, ONCE, I saw a Magnolia wreath that also was above $100 and I kinda liked it. It bothered me though because of 1. the price and 2. the leaves went in all sorts of crazy directions. If you notice, my leaves all go obediently in the same direction.
 So, I just bought a $5 styrofoam green kind of angular wreath at Wal-Mart along with this burlap ribbon that was about $6 per roll. I wrapped it around and glue gunned it once at the end. Then, I tucked in these beautiful Magnolia leaves.

 Here is the burlap ribbon.
 Here is my beautiful assistant Jessie Carol!!
 And again---Jessie!!

 Nona Klare really helped alot too, and she is a beautiful model!!
 And again--- Nona!!
Oh, I almost forgot to say that about a week ago, I was sitting on my front porch looking at my Magnolia and thinking that if I did make a Magnolia wreath I'd have to find the leaves somewhere else because I would not pick leaves from my own gorgeous tree. On Saturday, Max and I headed out for some shopping and spotted a neighbor up the road trimming guess what----their Magnolia tree. They were happy for us to have their limbs, and  Max and I loaded them into  the back of the car. That boy is sure one sweet helper!! Love my Max!!

 So, there you have it....my $11 wreath that I absolutely love!!

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