Sunday, March 31, 2013

Celebrate Life!!

Fun stuff before church this morning.
 Jessie and Martha still need their hair done but sharing some goodies. 

 Martha with allll she can carry.

 I love these sweet faces!!
 ....and these too!!
 Cole stayed up late with me to help me pack some Easter baskets.He is just growing up so fast.
 Some after church photos looking pretty cute.
 Funny People!!
 The family!!!!

 Pretty Nona.
 Nona the showboat with her sidekicks!!

 Our awesome friends the Wilkins took our photos for us today!! Thank you guys!!
 ...and here are some funny pics from them too.

 Jessie with her two new friends. She loves meeting new people.

 Nona Klare  filling some eggs to hide after lunch.

 Our bunnies: )
Max's prize egg!! Yayyy Max!!

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