Sunday, December 13, 2009

Advent, Family and God's Amazing Mercy

Nona and Mommy---- repairing our advent calendar. We've said for two years, we just need to get out the glue gun and repair all the little pieces of ribbon that have come loose and reattach all the velcro. Yes, hot glue and velcro. That's how I sew. We love our calendar. It's all 31 days of december. The first 15 days are old testament prophecy pointing us to the coming Messiah and the 16th on is prophecy fulfilled. We went ahead and fixed her all up this year because for some reason, we were missing about 14 of the felt covers for the windows. We made new covers and finally our repairs.I'll probably find them all tucked away in some safe place within the next few months(heehee) We started a few days late but Richard caught us all up in one day. This is a great family devotion by Wanda Sanseri.

Here is the book containing all the patterns needed for the calendar.

I love hearing these stories again this year from the man I love snuggled on the couch with the children I love. I love that Jesus humbled Himself to become a lowly man. That is so amazing. I love that He saved me from God's wrath by sweet redemption. His merciful plans are so amazing.

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asnipofgoodness said...

So, who hand painted all 31 days of that amazing advent calendar Mrs."I hate crafting"????
WOW, I am very impressed!! Nona looks very intent!