Saturday, December 26, 2009

I wish every day was Christmas(sigh)

We had the best time yesterday. From the moment the children crowed like roosters to wake us up ( a weird tradition that's been going on since Karis and Cason were our only children) all the way to bedtime!! I have about 100 photos I would love to post but probably I'm the only person who would be THAT interested---so I'lll hold back.

I think I'd like everyday to be Christmas because we're all here together all day long.

(Yes, I put the pic of Cole with his eyes crossed cause it serves him right)

Also, because it is a time my children enjoy blessing each other with a gift they've put thought and love into.

If everyday could be Christmas, Richard would still probably need to make money so I think he'd just weave purses for a living with Kamryn's new loom.

(We'd call it folkart and it would be really EXPENSIVE)

If everyday could be Christmas, we'd wear our pajamas all day long.

(Max and his kitten)

We would eat dinner by candlelight every day STILL in our pajamas.

(kamryn makes dinner "dinner and a show")

Also and most importantly, I want everyday to be Christmas because of this.....Everything shuts down(EVERYTHING) because Jesus was born. It's taken me awhile in my life to get a grip on what I really think about gift giving and receiving on Jesus' birthday and all the preparation and the little bit of stess that comes along with getting ready for "THE DAY". I used to think it was just materialism and I really didn't want to be associated with it. And while I do know our world does get very materialistic at Christmas, we do our very best to not be materialistic with it all. I'm not bragging, but I think we've done a pretty good job. But again, as I mentioned earlier, I've come full circle. I might even do MORE next year---like maybe sending out Christmas cards...or maybe not: ) Even though its a feeble human attempt to shout and yell because Jesus was born, I think God looks graciously at our attempts to celebrate His Son and smiles about all the hoopla.

Does anyone else have a different take on that topic???? I'm not offended at all by differing views: ) I used to be, but I've grown with age: )

Also, if anyone can name a Christmas morning tradition more outrageous than my children crowing like roosters I'll mail a rooster to you as a prize: )

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•Karis Brown• said...

That was such a good Christmas. Such sweet family time.
Max is look'n so handsome with his "Princess Kitty"!
Love you!