Friday, December 18, 2009

Here is the auxilliary branch of B and S Restoration---our family business.

Auxilliary comes from the Latin word auxillium meaning help or aid. (I'm so glad I remember at least one latin word after helping the kids so much)

Here is the B&S chocolate trifle maker.

Here is her trifle all ready to cover to go out the door.

Here is the B&S macaroni salad maker.

This helper(below) is actually not helping in this photo. Notice there is no attachment attached. He's just watching it spin!!! He actually goes sometime and helps his daddy.

Here is the B&S cake eater. We have alot of full time employees with that position(heehee)

We also made grilled chicken(in the rain), greek salad and bakery bought croissants. The B&S big boss(daddy) was about to buy all store bought food for a group of nice people learning about our business today. The auxilliary team had to step in and help out. We were so glad to do it. Makes us feel needed.

One of the helpers was still sleeping during preparation because she needed her beauty sleep since she is serving the nice people while her daddy "represents".

The other auxilliary helper was sweetly babysitting for another family.

Busy but fun morning. So now I'm rewarding myself with a few minutes to blog about it all.

Oh, if you see this within the hour, please say a prayer that the presentation goes well(going on right now) and that everyone is blessed by the food.

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HisBeloved said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I enjoyed my visit to yours as well. And we do have a lot in common! :D Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!