Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Funny Christmas Tradition #1

This is an absolutely beautiful morning. It is pouring rain, and I'm up all by myself. I didn't sleep much last night. Normally I don't have any problem at all catching some rest but occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night perfectly rested. It might actually be because of all that Coke I consumed last night at Moe's. I decided a while back when this happens not to lay there hoping forever to go back to sleep. I get up and spend some time with Jesus and then catch up on whatever needs catching up on(there is always something) This morning I also spent some fun time looking online for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers and I found the cutest site called Vat19 They call themselves purveyers of curiously awesome products, and I do believe its true. This is so cute. If you have time, watch this little advertisement but don't let the kids watch cause they almost say a bad word and it's pretty obvious what they're about to say: ) We like gummy bears(pretty much any candy) here at our house, but Kimmi is the real gummy lover. When she was about three years old, we started a tradition where Kimmi gets one extra present behind the tree. She gets a little basket of gummy bears very well hidden waaaay behind the tree and she forgets that it might be there until waaaay after all presents are opened and breakfast is eaten and stockings are un-stuffed. Every single year she forgets! I think she actually might be pretending now for my sake. I'm not sure why we started this tradition. It seems unfair to the other seven children. I'm thinking its because she was the baby at the time and if you remember Kimmi way back when, you know that she wasn't very easy to get along with....she was actually pretty darned grumpy. She stayed in quite a bit of "trouble". I'm imagining I was looking for a way to make her feel special...set apart. That's silly to do that with a little red basket of gummy bears, but it sure did work. I don't remember any of the other children ever feeling offended by it or expecting anything different than Kimmi should get her gummies. It's just a fact of life here. I was thinking it might be funny to put that giant gummy bear in her basket this year just to keep her on her toes. It actually might scare her(heehee) Here she is with baby Jessie. She sure makes up for all that trouble she used to cause. She is a real blessing, and I don't know what I would do without her.


asnipofgoodness said...

Oh, do it Donna, do it!

I love that tradition, so cute, and I love the story behind it, so personal. Maybe all the kids will catty it on with their third children?? That would be fun.
Kimmi is a blessing now, in so many ways! Thanks for sharing. Traditions are so important!

Abigail said...

Wow, that would be awesome if you got her that gummy bear. I know i would like one if i got one. :) I'd probably never eat it all though!
I hope the Brown family is well, we haven't heard from y'all in a while! ;)


Grace at Home said...

Y'all are such a fun family, Donna! Sweet story and that's a pretty picture of Kimmi. Now I'm off to check out that website!

•Karis Brown• said...

Well I'm just going to let you know now... I'm SOOO jealous!
... Now you know!

I'm just teas'n! I love Kimmi and the tradition!